06/05/2014Editors to play Berlin Festival!

Editors are very excited to be returning to Berlin Festival on the 6th September 2014. Berlin Festival 2014 takes place at Flughafen Tempelhof in Berlin on 5-7th September 2014. Tickets are available now here!

08/04/2014FM4 Frequency Festival, Austria

Editors will be playing at the FM4 Frequency Festival in Austria this August. Tickets are no sale now! All details and ticket links can be found here.

04/04/2014Editors to play Ejekt Festival in Greece!

Editors are very happy to be travelling to Athens in June for Ejekt Festival!

04/04/2014Editors playing Grape Festival, Slovakia

Editors will play Grape Festival in Slovakia on 15th August 2014! Tickets are available now at

04/04/2014Editors to play Serengeti Festival in Germany

Editors are excited to be playing Serengeti Festival in Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany! The festival runs from 15th-17th August 2014.